Fourteen Laws of Teamwork

1. Everybody in the ministry team should know what you are trying to do.
When people understand what you are trying to do, it helps them to flow in the vision.

2. Everyone in the ministry team must know what he is expected to do.
This allows you to know who to blame when things go wrong and who to praise when things work out.

3. Everyone in the ministry team must know what every other member of the ministry team is supposed to be doing.

That is why you must have meetings with individuals and then meet them in a group so that others would know what is going on.

4. Everyone must have a complete section in which he has full control.
Delegate people to do things. Give them control over the section you have delegated to them.

5. Give a lot of praise and recognition to your ministry team members in public.
If you want somebody to repeat something good, praise him for that thing.

6. Give criticism and rebuke to your people in private.

If you want to correct somebody, do not do so in front of their subordinates. It will weaken their position of authority in the sight of their subordinates.

7. As a ministry team leader, my criticism must be constructive.

8. As a ministry team leader, accept responsibility for everything and anything that goes wrong.
Take the blame and share the glory.

9. Do not complain about or condemn your team members.

10. Decide always to give advice on how to do things better.

11. Treat everybody as very important.

When you see someone who doesn’t look important, be nice to them. They may not look important but treat them as important.

12. Reposition and relocate people until they are in the place they function best.

13. Give people jobs according to their personalities.
Some people are light-hearted and merry, others are moody and strict. There is a job that suits everyone.

14. Forgive and overlook the mistakes of team members.”

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