Identify the Different Types of Employees in Your Organization

There are different types of people who will work under a leader. It is important to identify the real differences that exist.

Five types of employees every leader has to deal with

1. Employees Who Prefer Resting to Working
God worked for six days and rested for one day. This means that it is better to work than to rest. Any employee who prefers resting to working, has not found his God-given task.

2. Employees Who Are Not Prepared to Do Anything Extra or New
Such employees are not valuable, they want to do what they have always done. They don’t want change.

3. Workers Who Are Prepared to Do Any Job.
Such people are valuable. They are prepared to learn. They want to advance. They want to please you.

4. Results-Producing Employees.
One of the most valuable things in an employee is his ability to produce results.

5. Workers Who Are Consumed and Obsessed with Their Work.
This is the highest kind of worker. Value them and pay them highly.


Seven things every leader should teach his employee

1. Teach every employee to write instructions down as you speak.

2. Teach your employees to repeat their instructions and ask questions about the instructions you have given them.

3. Teach them to call you, talk to you and consult you frequently.

4. Teach them to be ready to change jobs and accept new responsibilities.

5. Teach them to dress formally whilst at work.
Have you not noticed that the wealthiest organizations, such as banks, instruct their employees to dress very formally?

6. Teach them to solve problems they encounter in the course of their duties.
Instead of reporting problems, they should report how they solved those problems!

7. Teach them to think about their work whilst at home.
Someone who thinks about his work whilst at home is both consumed and obsessed by his job. Such people read books about their career. They spend their money and time in an effort to be better prepared for their task.

How to be consumed with your work?

1. Know that you will only succeed with things that consume your whole being.

2. Find the job which does not make you conscious of time.
That is your God-given task.

3. Continue your work in your mind, even whilst at home.

4. Buy and read books about your work. Read the best books on leadership.

5. Have more of friends who are into your kind of work.
This will mean that even your leisure times relate to your work.

6. Spend money to be better trained and prepared for your work.

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