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Our philosophy is to use the secret of concentration

…but this one thing I do…
Philippians 3:13

Sixteen Things Every Leader Should Know about Concentration

1. Every great human achievement is the result of concentration.

2. Every great military battle is won by bringing all forces to concentrate on a single objective.

3. Every great ministry accomplishes things for God by concentrating on a single vision.

4. Concentration makes people work faster.

5. The faster you work the more energy and interest you will have.

6. The slower you work the more tired and uninterested you become

7. The more suspensions and delays to projects, the more discouraged everyone becomes.
Hope deferred maketh the heart sick.
Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.
Proverbs 13:12

8. Concentration depends solely on the ability to distinguish between the relevant and the irrelevant.
Anyone who cannot decide on what is important will never use the power of concentration. Do not be deceived by the pressure of urgent calls, requests, invitations, emergencies and crises. Urgent things are not usually important in the total picture, and important things are seldom urgent.

9. The greatest thief of concentration is the telephone.

10. Another thief of concentration is useless socializing and the television.

11. Inject urgency into all your projects.
This will make people concentrate on the task.

12. Concentration keeps everyone from backbiting, envy, jealousy and strife.

13. Few people can juggle with many projects at the same time.
Finish one thing at a time.

14. Unfinished projects break concentration.
The last uncompleted aspects of projects are often the cause of a future loss of concentration. They distract you and pull you into the past. People who concentrate on their God-given tasks are usually accused of being unsociable, proud, unfriendly, unpatriotic and inward-looking. But wisdom is justified of her children.

15. In the name of good works and being socially acceptable, the church has divided its attention into four main areas: health, education, relief services and Christian teaching.
It is no wonder that other religions are growing at a very fast rate. If only the Church were to once again concentrate on her God-given goal!
16. Concentration makes everything grow.

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