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Be a Creative Leader

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1:1

The universe is ruled by a creative God. This world is ruled by creative people. To be able to think of something new and greater and to achieve it is creativity. An ordinary person wants to do what everyone else is doing. A leader is someone who is prepared to be creative and to chart new territories. There are two groups of people in this world. One group have created new things. The other group have created nothing.

Creative people dominate non-creative people. You don’t have to look far to see this truth. The creative rule the non-creative. Be creative in your business. Be creative in your work. Be creative as a minister of the gospel. The fact that something has not been done before does not mean that it’s wrong. You will dominate in your sphere of life. The ministry I oversee is made up of mainly lay people.

I myself, started out in ministry as a lay person. When I did, people preached about me in their pulpits saying I was not concentrating on my studies. They had never seen the lay ministry in operation. They could only criticize. Today, this creative lay ministry has led to much growth in my ministry. Decide to be a creative leader!


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